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Can Exercising For An Hour Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes?

Can exercising for an hour lower the risk of diabetes? The answer depends on your lifestyle, fitness level and interests. Experts recommend varying amounts of daily exercise for different people to achieve their goals. If you are unable to exercise for more than an hour, you can try walking in smaller increments. The health benefits of exercising for an hour are similar to those of exercising for 150 minutes. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated.

Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Studies have shown that moderate-to-vigorous physical activity reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. While low-intensity exercise may be too intense for those with diabetes, vigorous physical activity has several other benefits. Walking and cycling are examples of low-impact exercises that are ideal for people with diabetes. In addition to lowering the risk of diabetes, physical activity can also lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Exercise helps lower blood pressure and improve circulation, which may help with joint health. Increasing physical activity is also believed to reduce stress, which is linked with the development of type 2 diabetes and other conditions. Inflammation is thought to be a major factor in the progression of type 2 diabetes and related conditions, so exercise can help manage the effects of the disease. The American Heart Association lists stress as one of the top causes of diabetes and heart disease, but exercise may help with that.

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