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Does Pet Insurance Cover Regular Vet Visits?

You’ve probably been wondering, “Does pet insurance cover regular veterinarian visits?” If so, you’re not alone. Many people don’t understand how insurance works. Here’s what you should know. Depending on the coverage you choose, you may be responsible for paying a deductible for all or some visits. Some policies also exclude pre-existing conditions and have a waiting period. Make sure you know what this is before purchasing an insurance policy.

Veterinary expenses can get expensive. It’s estimated that one-third of all pets will require emergency care in a given year. Accidents requiring emergency care can run into the thousands of dollars. Cats and dogs can sustain severe injuries like bites or ingestion of a foreign object. Often, the treatments require expensive surgical procedures, antibiotics, and lab work. If you are unsure of which insurance plan will best suit your needs, consider a Pawlicy Advisor.

Pet insurance premiums increase with the age of the pet. If you’re buying a policy for an older pet, most companies won’t accept your pet until it is at least 14 years old. You can lower your premiums by adjusting the policy details. Choose a lower reimbursement percentage or raise your deductible. However, if you don’t want to lower the cost of your monthly premiums, you should consider purchasing an individual plan.

Embrace and Healthy Paws offer policies that cover accidents and illnesses, but do not cover preventative or wellness care. These plans include unlimited coverage for diagnostic tests, prescriptions, and surgeries. In addition, the Wellness Rewards plan offers up to $650 in reimbursement for routine visits. However, the coverage varies by location and breed. However, it is still the best option if you are looking for comprehensive coverage. You can customize your plan with GEICO Insurance Agency to best suit your pet’s needs.

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