GrowMeUp – A Robotic Companion For Elderly People

GrowMeUp is a robotic companion that provides emotional support to elderly people. The robot’s app can understand and adapt to an elderly person’s preferences, and it also has a built-in intelligence dialogue component that translates dialogue with emotional reactions. The robot can form emotional bonds with an elderly person with the help of its previous interactions and learned behavior patterns. The robot’s goal is to help elderly people live happier lives by providing them with companionship and assistance

The robots will utilize state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies and machine learning mechanisms to build their knowledge and extend it continuously over time. The robots will share this knowledge and learn from one another. This will increase the functionalities of the robots and reduce the learning effort. It will be able to support implicit daily activities in a human-like manner through intelligent dialoging and behaviour understanding. Furthermore, it will provide personalized services, such as reminders, to help users get their work done

The robot, named GrowMu, will be able to support an older person’s activities of daily living. This innovative technology will provide companionship and offer functionality related to active living, health and safety. The robot will help older people remain active and engaged. As the robot learns the needs of its owner, it will increase its functionality to compensate for the deterioration of an elder’s abilities. This will promote longer life for older people and enable them to remain independent

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