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Has There Ever Been an NFL Game With a 2 0 Score?

Have you ever wondered if the NFL has ever had a game with a two-zero score? The answer is no, but it’s possible. Despite the recent rule changes, only five games have ended this way. In fact, the last time a game was scored 2-0, it was between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers in 1938. A 5-0 score would be a record.

The lowest single-point score in an NFL game occurred in 1953 when FC Barcelona defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. This score would have required a safety on the defense on the extra point. As far as football games go, this outcome is extremely unlikely. In fact, no NFL team has recorded a game that ended with a score of 2 0 before. The other six games, however, ended with a score of 3-2.

The two highest-scoring games in NFL history have a number of things in common. Both teams’ offenses averaged more than eleven plays per game. They also tended to be quick-hitting. In both of these cases, the offenses were not running at super speed, but they were moving the ball better than the average team. In both cases, the starting field position was higher than the league average. This also speaks to the value of forcing turnovers.

This week, the Giants and Lions played in Detroit’s Briggs Stadium. In the end, the Giants had the higher score, with an overall 214 yard margin of victory. And while both teams didn’t have a great running game, the kicking game was lacking. The Lions’ kicker, Augie Lio, missed three field goals while the Giants’ kicker, Ward Cuff, missed one.

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