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Is it Cheaper to Get a Pet From a Shelter Or Buy One From a Pet Store?

While it may be tempting to purchase a new pet from a retail store, the truth is that it can be more affordable to adopt a homeless animal from a shelter. Shelter pets are generally healthy and well-behaved. The majority of them were abandoned because of human problems, such as divorce or financial constraints. Adopting a pet can be much cheaper than purchasing a new pet, since it will often include spay/neuter, microchip, and first vaccinations. Also, adopting a shelter pet will not cost as much as purchasing a new pet from a breeder or from a pet store, and the pet adoption fee is much cheaper than the price of a puppy from a breeder. Adopting a pet also supports the welfare of homeless animals and will save you from

Whether you choose to adopt a cat or a dog from a shelter, the initial cost can vary. Some shelters charge $50 to $100 to adopt an adult cat, while others charge as little as $20. Some shelters even offer low adoption fees, allowing you to adopt a purebred dog for a fraction of the price of a new one.

A shelter will screen the animal before placing it up for adoption. This includes extensive health exams and behavioral testing. If there are behavioral problems, shelters will try to treat them. Often, shelter dogs are already potty-trained. A shelter dog can become a lifelong best friend if you show love and care. Adopting a shelter pet saves two lives.

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