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Social Media Sites For Sharing Blogs

When it comes to sharing blog content, you have many options. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ are the most common platforms. These sites all offer a variety of different features and communities. For example, Facebook allows you to create a “story” and share it with your followers. In addition, Twitter allows you to post images and videos of your posts. To make use of these features, you should create a “story” for each blog post, and follow users on other platforms who share their content.

If you don’t mind sharing your content to a wide audience, Instagram is a great option. The site features an easy-to-share feature, and you can share your blog post with other groups as well as your friends. When people share your content on Facebook, they are more likely to click through and share it with others. Facebook also has lots of features, including paid advertising. The platform also lets you pin your blog to your profile, so your readers can easily find it.

Another option is LinkedIn. It is more geared toward the business community and enables business professionals to interact and promote their own blogs. For business-related blogs, LinkedIn is the best choice, as its members don’t send out friend requests. Instead, they build relationships and invite other users to join. This way, your posts will reach the audience you’re trying to reach. However, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is more focused on business-oriented blogs, so it is probably not the best platform for DIY bloggers.

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