Treatment For Tennis Elbow

There are several options available for treating tennis elbow, including nonsurgical treatments, braces, and surgery. Conservative methods can help reduce pain and inflammation, but surgery is generally reserved for severe cases. The surgeon will remove damaged tissue from the tendon, reattach the healthy tissue, and stabilize the elbow joint. newstribune Recovery time is approximately four to six months. Patients should avoid pushing through the pain, as this can result in further damage to the tendon and tearing of it.

Nonsurgical treatment for this condition typically involves resting from activities that cause pain. A doctor may prescribe topical NSAIDs to reduce pain and inflammation without causing side effects. Some NSAIDs can only be obtained through a prescription, but your GP can prescribe a suitable one. A physiotherapist can help relieve pain and restore range of movement. Although rest is essential, dailybulletin it’s also important to take regular breaks.

The first step in treating tennis elbow is to determine the underlying cause. In some cases, lateral epicondylitis may occur without a recognized repetitive injury. Its symptoms appear gradually and worsen over time and are usually associated with activity that requires extended forearms. Tennis elbow is often found in the dominant arm. If you suspect you have tennis elbow, your doctor will run some diagnostic tests to rule out other problems. An ultrasound machine can quickly diagnose the condition.

Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment for tennis elbow may include: arthroscopic surgery, which uses tiny instruments and small incisions. Patients often go home the same day after their procedure. Afterwards, patients may need to wear a splint on their arm for up to one week to recover. If your arm is weak or is weakened, your doctor may prescribe a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication. dailybase

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