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What is the Best iPhone Stock Trading App?

iPhone users need a good stock trading app, but they are also spoiled for choice. There are several excellent applications available, but which is the best for your needs? There are two main platforms that work well for stock trading: iOS and Android. Both platforms offer similar features and performance, but iOS is faster and more stable. And with its numerous models, it is easy to find one that works for you. Also, iPhone users will find a larger screen with the iPhone.

M1 Finance allows investors to invest money automatically based on their preferences. It is ideal for busy people or serious investors who have little time to research. Another good iPhone stock charting app is TC2000, which allows users to make watchlists and trade directly from the charts. TC2000 has recently updated its app to run natively on iPhones, making it more compatible with Apple’s mobile devices. It costs $1 to $2 per month, but its free trial version is available for a limited time.

The SoFi app is the most popular iPhone stock trading application. SoFi was initially focused on refinancing student loans, but in 2018 it jumped into the zero fee investment business by supporting crypto trading. SoFi is a solid one-stop-shop for personal finance and finances, but it is not primarily an investing app. If you’re new to investing, it may be best to stick with an app that offers functionality and does not overwhelm you with information.

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