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Why is the NBA and NHL on an 82 Game Schedule?

When you first think about the NBA and NHL, you may wonder: Why are they both on 82-game schedules? Unlike the NFL, which plays only 66 games per season, the NHL and NBA play 82 games each season. While this is still a large number, it is still a substantial reduction from their original schedules. The NHL and NBA each play every other team eight times, and the NBA plays every team in its conference seven times.

The NBA and NHL play 82 games this season, which is earlier than in previous seasons. Fans can check out their favorite team’s schedule online and stay up-to-date with key dates, such as Christmas Day. The schedule is updated on a daily basis, so fans can keep up with their favorite team on any given day. For more information, visit the team’s website. There you will find the most recent schedule and details about upcoming games.

Another reason why the NHL is on an 82-game schedule is the increased revenue for the league. Revenues for the league are expected to reach $5.2 billion this season, but the NHL isn’t planning to raise the salary cap until the next two seasons. It is more convenient to schedule 82 games instead of a more traditional 73-game schedule, as the NHL will have fewer games to lose.

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